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The Legal Bit: 

Unless otherwise stated, all artwork, photographs and written content on this blog are my own, and copyright © Janice Heppenstall and Postcards from Wildwood, 2009-2013. 

All rights are reserved.  This means that they are not available for use on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit written permission. You must have my permission if you want to use my photos in any way or for any reason, even if modified and for non-commercial use. 

Please note that this includes ‘pinning’, which I will not allow.


On being a photographer:

janice-with-camera-feb-091Being a good photographer isn’t just a question of having a good eye.  There’s a lot to learn about your camera and its controls, techniques in the digital darkroom (Photoshop, etc), the science of light, composition and developing your own style.  I’ve come a long way in the last few years but there’s still much to learn.

As a photographer my inspirations include colour, music, little phrases that stick in my mind, beauty, tranquillity, the sea, nature and the changing seasons.  Living on the Isle of Wight, just off England’s south coast I have many opportunities for photographing coastal, rural, town and nature scenes, as well as close-ups of flowers in my garden – another favourite theme.

I’ve developed a great fascination with natural light and hope to develop further my understanding and skill in capturing its beauty.  I’m also keen to explore how I can produce images that excite all the senses – so you can smell, hear and feel what it was like to be there, not just see it.

Unfortunately, though, I am something of a fair-weather photographer, so there are many times when I just stay home and photograph my own artwork and needlecrafts.  Other images are digital creations – digital collage or other images that depend for their existence on digital manipulation.  I love beautiful sunrise and sunset photography, but it takes a lot to get me out of bed that early in the morning!  There’s a separate section in my blogroll (see sidebar) with blogs and websites of photographers whose work inspires me.


If you’d like permission to use my photos:

A lot of people contact me to ask if they can use one of my images for their website, publicity material or commercial packaging.  Almost all of my images are available as large unmarked, high resolution files.  A few are not available for commercial use at all, or have additional conditions attached.

If you would like to use any of my images please note the following terms:

  1. For sole traders, small businesses and non-profit organisations, my fee is £20 per image (Great British pounds).  Click here to access a universal currency converter.
  2. For larger organisations and commercial uses the fee is by negotiation.
  3. I will generally be prepared to waive the fee for any charitable or purely personal use provided your cause is broadly in line with my own values.
  4. For non commercial use, permission will only be granted on the condition that full and clear credit is given to Janice Heppenstall and Postcards from Wildwood, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

If you would like to get in touch, please use the contact form below.

I have a small selection of stock images available through Alamy.


About my equipment:

My camera is a Nikon D7000.  Earlier images used the D40X.  I use the following lenses and other equipment:

  • Nikkor 18-55mm
  • Nikkor 55-200 zoom lens
  • Nikkor 60mm macro
  • Sigma 8-16mm wide angle lens
  • Velbon Sherpa 600R tripod


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